Sunday, November 9, 2008

The outside...

This picture is just prior to Hurricane Hanna buzzing the coast. The guy acting like he is working, might just be your author. We put out eight 1 1/2 inch nylon lines going to the dock... at the height of the wind, an elephant could tight rope walk them. In order to control the boat as they came under tension, I put together a 4:1 block and tackle pulley system to pull the boat off the pilings to starboard.

That day was almost like work...

This is what she looks like out of the water... She drafts 6 feet, which means it takes 6 feet of water for her to not be lounging around on a sandbar. I'm 6 feet tall, and can walk under her when she is out of the water...

Noel has a steel shoe protecting her wooden keel. Her hull profile is looooong and skinny, which gives her spectacular fuel economy for her length and weight.

That is her bow... When we first started working on her... she floated at the navy blue boot stripe. After months of stuff removal, furniture, and random bits of string... she floats on that light blue bottom paint. Bottom paint, eh... such colorful boating terminology.

That is a propeller. Quite useful for stirring sand, cultivating barnacles, and occasionally propelling Noel through the water on adventures. She has two propellers.

On deck...

Yikes. This is your author a couple years ago standing on the brink. Well, it sure felt like the point of no return. As you can see... the bulwarks needed some repair, oh... and the deck beams too. Maybe a few frames... Sarcasm alert: Wooden boats have a life cycle, they return to dirt. They are the antithesis of the Pheonix, much more like a parrot. When the parrot kicks the bucket, you have the choice to give it a burial at sea, or get it creamated and then place a new one on its perch. It is hard to recycle a spent parrot, even as a pattern to make a new one. Noel is a bit like that, except we've had to rebuild the perch too. The moral of the story... Wood boat restoration is for the birds.

Bulwarks? We don't need no stinking bulwarks. (For the non-nautical... bulwarks are the hand rail around the deck that keeps the people on board... and water off.)

They also keep boats from looking like a unicorn with their stem (Or parrot perch...) projecting up into the air. She does look a bit naked in this picture...
That is better!

Everybody needs a battering ram... or at least an anchor chute! Also... New rub rails the whole way around, the wood under the metal band is new too. (Yikes.)

What about some hand rails?

The view from my "little" 28 footer. This fits into the top ten things I never want to see approach from behind.

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