Friday, May 8, 2009

New and improved style.

The last few months have been monotonous work of cleaning, painting and rebuilding things that don't photograph well. Tight spaces, and the minutia of the details involved in removing runs of wire, and figuring out how it was done and how to improve.

The davits on the stern came off (the candy cane shaped bits used to pick up dinghys to set on deck) as they were rusted out. When they came off, we found more rotten wood in the bulwarks along the aft deck, the roof overhead.

The rest of the bulwarks on the boat have been repaired. The bow is brand new, where as the side decks inner plywood skin has been replaced and fiberglassed over. (Set the circular saw to the depth of the plywood and walk it down the length... fun stuff, makes a big mess!)

Since the roof is rotten where the davits were bolted on, I've been contemplating adding some style to her lines. Noel has a lot of character, but she doesn't have much that defines her as a yacht... other than the lack of outriggers and other things you'd find on a working boat.

I traced out the photo right off the screen to keep the scale. I pulled some measurements off Noel and I used a set of dividers, to work out the the scale of the photo was roughly 1/2 inch per foot.

From there I took a pine batten (ripped from a 2x4) and positioned it 75 degrees to the deck like the other vertical accents to give a visual representation of where the roof would stop.

One of the troubles with Noel, is her entire roof empties off of the two aft corners. The rear accent has a nice rounded bull nose on it, so in a decent downpour the water curves back towards the boat and pours on the deck.

I'm working on a few gutters, and decent camber for the new roof line so the water goes overboard without splashing someone who might want to sit out and watch the storm.


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