Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21 2010

The showers are sanded and ready for primer.
The heads are ready to go, walls set in place needing a few touch ups.
The sink vanities are nearing completion.
The stair case is in, and the aft wall of the closet in the master stateroom is cut out and ready to be set in place...

We are dragging feet to make sure we have enough plywood down below, the engine room hatch only lets a 42 inch wide sheet through at full length. 46 if cut shorter... So we have a stack of plywood in the engine room wide enough to stand upright on its own.

Oh... and spring fever has set in. We had a few pretty days, so the starboard side of the cabin house is missing for about 25 feet. The door is getting moved aft a stud to be symmetrical to the stair case, and another window is cased out.

We'll be going down the side decks with 1/2 inch marine grade plywood this week. A few leaks came to attention when we test fit the starboard staterooms plywood walls. Never enough to accumulate in the bilge, but enough that it drips when it rains. The plywood on deck made it nearly 25 years, and while we could add another layer of glass to her and make it all water tight, another 25 will be a lot easier to come by with fresh materials.

No good pictures of the stairs with treads in place... each step is the same height, and the turned steps are all the same width. The old staircase had a different rise and tread depth on every step, which achieved a staircase that did the job in a 24 inch shorter opening, but was unacceptable to the knees! Hear ye hear ye, the 3rd step from the top is now just like all the rest, comfortable.

All for now...