Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24, 2010

We were rushed off the railway three weeks ahead of schedule... so another job could go up.

After 3 weeks of working till our pants fell off sunrise to sunset and beyond... we made it happen.

Nevertheless, we have reworked the steering gear to go from chain and cable to hydraulic. This entailed removing the existing rudder table and having a thousand dollars worth of machine work done to the rudder shafts to straighten the blades and cut a straight section long enough to install an upper bearing and tiller arm. Bircher Machine Incorporated did the machine work on the shafts, Jim is a great fellow to work with and made it possible for us to get back in the water in time by coming in over the weekend.

We took everything out down to the hulls planks, and started fresh with marine plywood laminated together for rudder blocks. Inside this, we installed a fiberglass tube. Inside the fiberglass tube, we bedded down the existing 3 1/2 inch rudder tubes and packing gland back filling it with epoxy and cotton fiber, with 3M 5200 around the top flange.

With that done, it is our hope that no water will be able to get into the planking or plywood sheath around her hull.

Next up we moved the stern thruster from the port side to the starboard side to get it as low in the water as possible. We had to cut one of the flanges down so that it would not hang below the boat.

Next we installed the brackets for the swim platform.

Photo's of this saga are missing some stages, as we didn't have a chance to slow down for much.
We put the rudders in, drilled the shaft collars and were pushed overboard within minutes... So no rudder shots.

Next week we will be plumbing the hydraulic steering system, installing the tillers and tie bar... and generally tying up loose ends that need attention from speeding along the last few weeks.


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