Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010

A ballad of destruction has been sung this week... Chain saws, sawzalls, and really big skill saws have been put to work. Given rest breaks, when the 5 foot long pry bars and splitting mauls came into play.

The back of the cabin is moving forward 8 feet 6 inches, essentially one window spacing. The ceiling had to move out of the way in order for the crane to be able to drop the fuel tanks in place. With the white Awlgrip paint job on the tanks we didn't want to man handle them into place with come alongs and pry bars like we pulled the old steel tanks out.

We added plywood knees to the sawn frames under the fuel tanks which takes a surprising amount of time to fit and epoxy in place.

While we were down there, we squared, leveled and adjusted the sole (walking surface) of the lazarette and tank room so that it was all one level to make it a smooth surface to roll around the new generator.

Back to the big hole in the deck...

The back deck had been 9 feet deep from the back door to the transom. This will be stepped up to 17 feet, allowing room for outdoor sitting and cooking areas. I have always joked that Noel could sleep 12 in supreme comfort... but on the back deck 4 was to many for sundowners.

We are reworking 15 feet of the deck, from our new back deck to the start of the engine hatch. Noel has a hatch built into her above the engines, allowing for their removal. The trouble, is that on a 68 year old boat things start to sag and her deck as people cut hatches and deck over them a fair number of the deck beams were compromised over this 15 foot stretch. The lumps and bumps wouldn't iron out with fairing so we are putting in new beams and a new deck.

We'll also be replacing the lazarette bulkhead, as it stood proud of the rest of the beams and had to be cut in order for us to remove the deck.

The back wall you see in the pictures is temporary and much further forward than where it will be at completion.

All for now!


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