Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

Last friday we had a crane come by to set the new fuel tanks and generator in place on board Noel.

We finished cutting out the side decks along the length of the hole and started fitting the 11 new deck frames that are going in. We kept the toe rails, and an inch and an inch and a half of deck to the inside of them. We'll be blocking in between her deck beams from her plank out to the inside of the shear clamp to tie the new work to the old.

Noel's hull was framed on varying spacings from 10 inches to 14 inches, so her deck frames set in front of each of those frames. On account that half the frames have been sistered and are offset from where they started out life... we are putting the deck beams in on 12 inch spacing to make things a bit easier.

We went ahead and cut out the old bulkhead at the lazarette, as it was a patch work quilt of repairs... So the new one will be hung in place on the new deck beam, and we will be laminating a new set of frames for it to tie into the hull. These will be strips of wood 2 1/4 wide and 9/16ths thick in order to conform to the shape of the hull, we then take epoxy and lay the next strip in place screwing it to the first, and continue to the desired thickness, this is generally three inches, from there we scribe blocking to fit in the harshest part of the radius. We then stand up studs, and stud out the inside of the bulkhead. In this case, a true 2 by 2 1/4 on 12 inch centers. The plywood face is then fit into the hull, and epoxied in place. With the deck off, you scribe the bottom plywood sheet to the hull, then scribe the top sheet to the hull. We then mark the top as it lays against the deck beam, cutting it close and then rolling a router with a flush trim bit right across the top.

No pictures at this point, forgot to grab the camera!


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