Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 1, 2011

Over the last week we put in place new clamp boards on the starboard side, mirroring the port sides repair. The two new clamps are made of 2x8 ripped to 5 3/4, about twenty feet long each. We reframed the starboard side last fall, which required the clamp boards to stay in place... lest we lose the shape of the hull. Now that the hull is strong, we could pull the clamps without her losing her shape... Not something that would work very well on a normal wood hull, but Noel has a layer of 1/2 inch marine grade plywood sheathing outside her planks holding things together.

We sanded and primed the transom, rudder table, and generator pedestal.

We put in 3 frames in the engine room, and repaired a cracked bent knee on the port side. Noel originally had steam bent white oak knees that joined her hull sides to the deck. Most of these were cut out when she was made a yacht originally... all that remain are those in her engine room.

We pulled the starboard fuel tank out into the walkway, and started padding up the stringers so the tank will drain to the last drop. We've started pulling together the valves and fittings to reconnect the fuel system.

We finished the last of the 8 beams for the roof overhang.

We spent part of Friday cleaning up shop, pulling out the wood scraps from the bilge and generally straightening and sharpening up the worn tools.

Next week the weather is supposed to warm up, so we are moving to the bow to put the finish work on the toe rail, and start our work on the roof overhang.

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