Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15 2011

We are still sanding primer...

We had some adhesion issues in the engine room with the primer on the last go round, so we sanded off everything back to the fiberglass and epoxy coated wood.

We then applied a few rolled coats of Awlgrip 545, sanded and filled pin holes and low spots with Awlfair. Then applied a few more rolled coats of 545 until the filler was covered. We then sanded with 120 grit, and sprayed a coat of Awlgrip Awlquick over the surface and have brought that finish up to 220 grit preparing to top coat with Awlgrip.

Since all this sanding and spraying has been going on in the engine room, I opened up the stateroom end of the boat and we started the rounds of 545 and fairing compound up there.

We removed, and rebuilt one of the curved corners of the master state room head (bathroom) as it had a bow built in to it that didn't become obvious until in primer.

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