Tuesday, August 16, 2011

July 2011


We padded out the walls in the master bath with layered plywood "studs" and 3/4 plywood for the interior walls. We also padded the forward state-room, and head to allow for electrical wire to be pulled.

We cut out the existing openings of the shower stalls, and set in place jambs to allow for new glass shower doors.

We fiberglassed the plywood roof overhang, and applied Adtech Proseal.
We cut the round on the back, matching the transoms radius.

We sanded, faired, and primed the back of the cabin wall, and corners.

The rear deck, had been a storage area for some time during the winter. We cleared everything off and began grinding and fairing the new deck, with the stern deck we built two years ago. We applied another layer of fiberglass.

The port toe rail and rub rail have been undergoing a major re-shaping to follow the line of the sheer. We ground down highs, and epoxied fairing strips of wood in various places. Troweled putty, fiberglassed, and sanded.

We removed the remnants of an old seat on the front of the cabin house, and stripped the old polyester fiberglass off. I put a few new studs in that were questionable and repaired some plywood, and then began to fair the curved front of the house in preparation for fiberglass. We will be removing the existing windows and rebuilding the window openings.

We removed the helm station, and console to gain better access to the windows, and developed a few more electrical wire paths.

Much time has been spent researching air conditioning systems, and window makers. Electrical wire paths have been drawn, and the work goes on...

June 2011


We completed mounting of the battery boxes and their lids.
We installed the batteries and their cables.
We cleaned and flushed the main fuel line, of the rust scale from the old Fuel tanks.
-The main line is 1 inch stainless steel pipe running from a T at the fuel tanks, to each of the engines with a drain valve at the forward most end.

We rebuilt the port engine in place. Raising it up 6 inches, dropping the oil pan and replacing the crank bearings. We removed the pistons and liners, installed new rod bearings and put things back together. We enlisted the help of Kenny Starn, an eastern NC mechanic legend...

While the engine work was going on, we fiberglassed the swim platform with west systems epoxy and sealed with Adtech Pro-seal.

While this was going on, we pulled in another carpentry crew to fit a bead board ceiling for you land dwellers. to the underside of the deck, for the boat linguists. (Boat terminology!)

We measured for doors, and drew up cabinets and started the production of both.

We built the back wall of the cabin, and the overhang for the roof using the beams we glued up over the winter.