Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 2011

October has been spent finishing the last of this years exterior and paint work.

We faired the port side of the cabin, blending it to the rounded cabin front. This involved grinding down some high spots, and filling low spots until it followed a smooth arching curve. Each of the window openings remain flat, but a batten and string read true as they go around.

The aft cabin wall went backwards a step, as we tabbed it to the deck, a step we had planned to do when glassing the rear deck under the overhang after the fish box and companionway to the engine room were in place.

We filled low spots along the deck line, laid a batten on deck in the inside corner and faired the corner to follow the same smooth curve. Then we pulled an epoxy fillet.

The next step is fairing the starboard side of the cabin, and on a series of warm days spraying awlgrips sprayable fairing compound around the entire cabin. The toe rails are getting fairer, and we are aiming to spray from the top corner of the cabin wall, to the outside of the toe rail each pass.

The purpose of fairing the cabin sides this fall, is so that we can move our workshop out of the upper deck, install the windows and start building in the salon. It is significantly faster to sand and fair a smooth unbroken surface, than it is to sand and fair an area with window openings already cut.

We installed the swim platform on the transom, tabbing it in with fiberglass. Not the easiest thing to do off a barge while in the water, but we managed. On the next haul out we will through bolt it to the brackets, but for now it is out of the way and water tight.

The showers in the bathrooms have been rainy day topics the last few months, the forward one is in primer and cased out for the new shower doors. We made a plywood ceiling and fiberglassed it, faired it and primed it prior to installation, as it saves sanding overhead!

The master state room shower is getting the same shower door casing, and is awaiting fiberglass around the casing. The fillets are pulled, and next week it will be primed.

We are shooting to have them shiny in Awlgrip next week, and conclude the dust making so we can move on with the cabinets.

Alas, it is fall once again. It takes longer for epoxy to cure, it takes the perfect day to paint... so the last big push to finish all the little things that need to be done before it gets to cold to do them.