Monday, April 22, 2013

Finish work...

The cabin house windows are installed! (With the exception of the center opening window... )

We finished epoxying the 3/8ths marine plywood skin around the roof overhang.  The 15 panels were epoxy coated, primed with Awlgrip Awlquick and sanded out to 220 grit prior to being mounted, to save overhead sanding.    We will spend the next few days pulling fillets in the inside and outside corners and touching up where the seams go together.  The seams are backed with 1/2 inch marine plywood butt blocks to keep them both fair and strong. 

The temporary 2x4 posts holding the rear overhang have been replaced with douglass fir uprights skinned in 1/2 inch marine plywood and fiberglassed all over and tabbed to the deck. The longitudinal beams underwent the same treatment.  The pink colored putty you see is Awlgrips Awlfair.  The support posts have 5/8ths stainless rod running through the center, with stainless backing plates top and bottom to keep things firmly attached to the deck. The top nuts and coupler inside the beams are TIG welded in place so the only nut that could be tightened are those under the deck.  In the continued spirit of overkill, we mounted a backing block between the deck beams built up of laminated marine plywood, and installed a stainless strap across the blocking to the neighboring deck beams.  A similar stainless strap is mounted on the top end.

The rear posts and beams are ready for primer, and the 10 foot by x 9 foot center section is awaiting wiring for the stern light, deck lights, and speakers.  We have 2 sheets of 5 foot by 10 foot marine plywood waiting to be faired, primed and installed.

- Zach

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