Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New window frames Spring 2013

Noel is for Sale.

We are still actively working towards completion.

The front windows framing have been redone.  We replaced the sill, the support posts and all the internal framing.  I broke my camera for the demolition process, 

The sill is 2 inch thick mahogany, the posts are made of salt treated pine skinned in 1/2 inch plywood.  The window mouldings are made of 3/4 marine plywood.  The inner and outer top band was replaced with laminated plywood, 3/4 thick on the inside and 1/2 inch thick on the outside made of multiple layers.  Everything was then fiberglassed with epoxy and sanded to perfection currently awaiting window glass installation.  The outside trim is made out of PVC, filled, faired, sanded and painted to match the inner openings.  When the weather see's fit to give us 70 degrees night time temperatures the new glass will go in. 

We have the 3/8ths plywood skin for the roof overhang fitted.  15 sheets of 3/8ths marine grade, resin coated, sanded, primed and sanded... out to 220 grit.  They will be going up this week, glued and filleted in.

More pictures to come.

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