Friday, June 7, 2013

May...  Was a tough month to work outside, with showers that were deferred from April.

We faired the starboard cabin wall, to give a fair line at the inside fillet of the new roof overhang and ready the wall for windows.

On rainy days we were in the engine room, continuing to build floor frames and readying the engines to move forward.  

This has involved battens, long sticks that bend into smooth curves without lumps and bumps.  One prized batten made of fir and one 18 foot aluminum 1x1 box tube.  We use straight edges to determine that the surface is in the same plane top to bottom, and once we have true reference points top to bottom the battens are held against the curve of the cabin, at those intervals. 

Once we had a consistent surface, we mark and sand down the high spots.  Then we mark and fill the low spots with Awlgrip Awlfair. 

Once the batten lays in nicely, we then sprayed 4 gallons of Awlgrips Sprayable fairing compound over the wall and longboarded the surface true with long boards.  These boards make a crossing pattern, held horizontal but pushed at 45 degree angles from the top of the panel to the bottom. 

Once we had a smooth surface top to bottom, we boosted the radius below the framed window openings to full meet the batten with another dab of Awlfair fairing compound.   

Once we were happy with the wall, the top and bottom fillets were pulled in place, and sanded. 

The wall is now awaiting the forward doorway to be cut, and another coat of Sprayable Fairing Compound that will make the surface all one product, so the hardness of the underlying substrate does not impact the surface finish.  Sanding something soft, beside something yard yeilds a "Holiday" or halo shaped low spot that bends light in the reflection on the finished surface. 

After tropical storm Andrea makes her way through, perhaps we will get a good day with low wind to spray the next coat... and get some new pictures!