Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June 2013

June...  Was the 19th wettest month in North Carolina's recorded history, which made it somewhat difficult to continue priming and painting the outside of Noel.

Nevertheless we continued on, pulling fillets and sanding.  The early part of the month was spent long board sanding, and finishing up fillets.  We sprayed two coats of sprayable fairing compound long board sanding in between each, a higher grit each time. 

When the time came for the Awlquick priming, we taped up the underside of the roof overhang and rear posts and did the whole job in one shot.  This is always exciting for everyone "close to the boat" as you feel like the most has happened in one day, and all the work done in preparation is shown.  While the primer is wet, you can see a wet reflection just like how it will lay when top coated and makes all the sanding worth while.

We are now starting on the center section of the stern deck roof, and will be wiring it for a stern navigation light, speakers, and recessed lights... and then a plywood skin put over it, primed and painted.  We aim to keep this area removable for future maintenance of davits and hardware for dinghy and jet ski mounts, hence saving it for last.  We are using 5 foot by 10 foot plywood, so the only seams over the 9 foot 6 overhang will be running along the length of the boat.

Our fiberboard window mold warped, from the high humidity of being an extraordinary wet month... so we await a replacement, and the promise of windows in the sides of her cabin.

All for now,