Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 2013

Not much happened in July this year...  Hot and rainy to do outside work.

August was much the same weather... though we spent the time working on getting the boat ready to move under her own power again.  We pulled in more Douglas fir for the engine room, and did an inventory of parts, pieces and general hardware that will be required. 

We built mounts for the navigation lights, and fiberglassed them into place.  They got the Snow White Awlgrip treatment with the intention that they can be taped off and non-skid painted around them when we spray the rest of the boat.

While we were spraying top coat, the inside of the front window frames were taped and sprayed. 

We've been in the midst of cleaning and organizing, making room in the "work shop" to put the steering helm and console back in place.  The lower pictures are some mock ups of the final design idea, where a center console holds the steering gear and allows the captain to step forward up to the window to see over the rails around the boat when docking, and have easier access to the front opening window.  Our friendly local glass shop is in the process of relocating, so the opening window is still opened with blue painters tape. 

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