Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sanding work continues...

We are now to the putty stage.  When working in the timber stage, pictures don't really show that anything happens until the fiberglass goes on.  With putty and paint, everything looks like things happen faster.

The Pink stuff is Awlgrip Awlfair.  It is an epoxy based fairing filler, that will hide the weave of the fiberglass cloth.  The plan is to take it to 80 grit finish, let everything sit for 2 weeks and then paint with Interlux Bilgecote.  It is a polyester enamel that is designed and intended for engine rooms and bilges.  It doesn't always like fresh epoxy... hence the waiting period.  We'll then slide the engines back into place and fiberglass the runners where they are sitting, and blend everything together. 

  The two engines that are still in the engine room with us while the work is going on. 

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