Friday, July 11, 2014

June 2014

June's update was delayed...  Hurricane Arthur coming through up-ended the schedule.  No trouble...  With five 100lb anchors set on 3/4 nylon and a row of taylor made fenders Noel weathered the storm. The eye of the storm passed over us, and I went down to make sure everything was still there. 

We've since been painting and cleaning up the engine room, now that the walking surfaces are in place over the framing, and the engines are set back on their bedding. 

Another thing to point out that you can barely see in the pictures, is the addition of limber holes to the floor timbers.  Anyone that has bored 1 1/4 holes with a right angle drill through 4 inches of fir, will understand that this is a a celebratory paragraph.  

We pulled off all the blue foam boards that had been protecting the Awlgrip paint work from damage.  I felt like a kid at Christmas seeing all that shiny paint for the first time in a while...

Since these pictures were taken, we've moved the fuel tanks up to the engine room bulkhead one on each side of the green ladder.  This will keep the boat in her current trim when she takes on fuel...  and give us a bit more access to the shaft alleys the next time we haul up.  The talk is dripless stuffing boxes!