Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 2015

We've reached the fun stage of the build...  Where other than pulling a new bundle of wires, and swapping out a sensor here, or gauge there it is tough to see where the spools of cable are going.

The engines paint jobs are finished, and the raw water is hooked back up.  We've got new strainers ready to go, and exhaust systems pending review. 

The steering hoses are being pulled, and the shifter cables are in place.  The synchronizer is hooked up...

The crash bilge pump manifold is sweated back together, and the piping reinstalled.  

In short, it's a long hit list from an empty boat hull to a running one, but we are trying to go about it in a logical manner so that what needs to go to each place is getting pulled before the components at each end are laid out with plenty of room to grow.  In other words, we are at the squirrels nest period of wiring where each wire is only to long, once while final positions and chase ways are defined.

Thanks for following along,