Monday, June 15, 2015

June 2015

This months work has involved furring the walls to a plumb straight line on port and starboard side of the upper cabin.  Noel's exterior is framed in a curve, and in order to make up that curve the framing of the walls tilts inward about a inch and a half along the height of her cabin.  We straightened the interior to provide a chase way for a pair of 16.5k btu air conditioners,  Between the two center windows, we have gained a 3 inch deep cavity that will allow us to run a split system in the upper cabin.  The fir plywood you see, will be getting a bead board wainscot up to the window edge, with a molded chair rail. The upper area above the windows will be boxed outward for chase ways and duct work.  By keeping the full size sheets across it made it much easier to transcribe the line from the sole upward.  That made sure the walls ended up both flat and plumb to both themselves and the new flat cabin sole. 

Editors note:  Cell phone camera lenses twist straight lines!   

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