Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 2017

Sanding, sanding and more sanding...

We have the window frames ready for finish primer, inside and out and have sanded the entire cabin and brow catching them up for finish primer as well. 

We've been balancing out the inside vs outside work, so as to keep on making progress even when the weather isn't co-operating.  Our plywood boards in the windows come out fairly easily, but it is hard to work on a window frame in the rain...  So we tackled catching up the stair case, as well as the bead board ceiling down below. 

The goal will be to spray every surface on the cabin house, and top coat it before the windows are bonded into place.  No over-spray, and the continual taping/masking that goes along with trying to paint beside glass.   

The cabin sides on Noel are rounded, and we had one area on the port side under the last window that had a flat spot that came into view after we were done blending in the window frames, which are flat.  The pink spot, is a a skim of Awlgrip Awlfair putty that we've blended in and long boarded true to the boat.  

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